About Us

MyHapppChoice.com is a website that shares useful information along with tips about family value, marriage communication skills, raising children and teaching you how to cook delicious food with ease.

Jiu Cai is the main writer for this website. She is the mother of two handsome boys, a passionate blogger and a lover of healthy, delicious food. She has had experience as a food concessionaire at fairs for 20 years, 2 years running a restaurant and 2 years of teaching cooking classes.

Starting a Chinese blog 2 years ago, her writing on a wide array of topics has become popular among Chinese readers outside mainland China. Currently, she now has a total of 644000.00  viewers. In order to allow her friends and relatives in China to read her blogs and cooking tips, Jiu Cai has now started this website MyHapppChoice.com to share her experiences and skills with all readers.

Jiu Cai believes that healthy living starts in everybody’s own kitchen. Food can be amazingly delicious, but also very healthy at the same time. Food is not only the source of energy but also the glue to bond the whole family together emotionally. The dinner table is always the center of a healthy and happy family.

Jiu Cai’s mother was a wonderful cook before she passed away. Jiu Cai grew up watching her mom cook delicious food even with scarce and very limited food choices. Some of her recipes have been passed down the generations.

In her spare time, she likes to draw and read a variety of books, including cookbooks. All her recipes are tried and tested from her own kitchen. Some of her recipes have originally come from magazines, cookbooks, and the internet. All instructions are from her own experience, including media and blogs are her original work.  Use of any content and/or media to other website or media without permission is prohibited.

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